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You have 6 ways to pay ( CAD $ )
( Instructions on how to use payment methods below )
 1-Bill Payment Canadian Banks (  3 Banks ) (direct from your bank account via Bill Payment)
       2-E -Transfer Interac -  Direct from your bank account via email ( Canadian Banks Only )
For Canadian Customers
                    3- Credit Cards  at checkout  Online
                             4-PayPal Express Checkout ( your credit card info is never given out )
                                             5- PayPal Invoice  ( we can email you a Paypal invoice for your order )
                                                        6- Credit CardFax your order
 US Customers can also use Debit cards with Paypal
     #1   Bill Payment - Pay directly from your bank account
How Can I use the Bill Payment feature ?   
Pay directly from your bank account ( No limit on amount of purchase )
 2 day process and once the money is in our account we will ship your order

Only customers that do online banking with Scotia Bank, CIBC, Bank Of Montreal, can use this feature.

Steps To Follow:

*When checking out : Select Account Number  type-in yes in box next to Bank Bill payment
*We will email you your RCM account number ( CAD $ )

Once you receive your Account #

*Go online to your banking site,go to Bill Payment,
click New Payee or Add Payee : insert JSTJ HOLDINGS to find us and add us as a payee &
enter your RCM account #

* Pay Bill / It takes about 2 days

* Once we receive your payment we will notify you of same and your
order will be shipped the same or next working day.
* Your order will be sent via Canada Post STD ( USPS )
 * Expedited /  A tracking  # is issued if you select this shipping option
Place your order using " in store"  option at checkout                             
Here's how an Interac e-Transfer works: all Canadian banks use interac
 At checking-out Select In-Store  type-in yes in box of E-Transfer ( in CAD$ )
  • you sign on to your OnLine Bank website and select the "Interac e-Transfer"
  •  navigation link within the Banking tabs
  • you key the email address of the person you want to send money to
  • you create a Security Question that only the person you are sending money to will be able to answer
  •  ( send your answer to us by email )
  • you key the amount you want to send, and the account from which you want to withdraw
  • the money is withdrawn from your account, and an email notification is automatically sent to the email
  • address you provided
  • the other person clicks on a hyperlink in the email, and they are taken to their online banking sign on page
  • after signing on and answering your Security Question, they can deposit the funds immediately to their
  •  account*. No holds, no hassles, and the funds are guaranteed.
Send Money to Anyone
When you send money to someone using the Interac e-Transfer service, they don't need a Scotiabank account
to receive your funds!
All they need is a Canadian dollar account at a Canadian Financial Institution, and an email address.
Credit Cards   Canada - US - international#3
You can place your order at checkout
Credit Cards via PayPal   Canada - US - international         #4
 PayPal with Express Checkout   
 US customers can use Debit Bank Card.
Credit card fraud on the internet is huge. We have been a victim, we know.
Your credit card info could be in the hands of these crooks and you do not know it.
 Paypal  verifies and vets all transactions.
    You do not need to have a Paypal account to use your credit card :
follow " Don't have a PayPal account ?" after you click on Paypal button go to bottom of page
( No limit on amount of purchase )  
Instant approval
Select the Paypal Logo 
Note: Paypal Guarantees your satisfaction and no card number is ever given to us !
We highly recommend you use Paypal which guarantees both the buyer & seller satisfaction !
Once you place an item in the cart the Paypal button appears.
Step1:  You choose to pay with PayPal using button as shown above
Step2: You complete the payment and are redirected back to RCM-COINS.COM
 PayPal Invoice  Canada - US - international#5
Complete your order via checkout using In Store option, insert PP in box & place your order.
We will send you a Paypal invoive to your email.
Credit Cards Fax Your Order Canada - US - international#6
Checkout using in store option, print the order, write your credit card info : card number,
 3 digit numbers on the back of your card and the name on the card if different than the
order form and fax it to: 1-866-735-3741