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How do we know we can trust your company?   

We understand the importance of this but the only sure way is to place
your first order and see the results.We want you as aregular customer
so we will do our best to give you good service at fair prices.
We have have been certified SSL:     this tells you our company has been verified
and that our website is certified secure for all your transactions.All information is Encrypted and
 you can see "https"in the address & a closed Padlock indicated a secure site.
We are located  on  in Ottawa On Canada. We are on file and approved by major
Canadian Banks and we have been with PayPal for since 1996.
Gives us a try:  you won't be disappointed.
If you still do not feel comfortable, use Paypal payment methods: they guarantee your
 satisfaction and they never give out your credit card number. Our credit card checkout
is also with Paypal so you have the best protection on the Net available. our Registered Trade Mark CoinsGoldSilver
 are owned and operated by JSTJ HOLDINGS INC.
A Federal Canadian Incorporated Company since 2005
based in Ottawa ON.
US address:
JstJ Holdings 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5040 Valley Cottage NY 10989
Canadians Importing Coins
FYI: Canadians who import coins will be required to pay the HST when you receive
 your parcel.   Not Fair, but something you should know.
Our Prices
We offer coins in most cases that are no longer available ( sold out at the Mint)
or hard to find at a fair price.These coins increase in value.
Our Prices Include Taxes & Std shipping
We purchase coins from RCM and pay the same price as everyone
else plus shipping to us plus taxes on certain coins.
We have to make a profit so we add that on. We make the price reasonable & fair.
All prices are in CAD $. taxes included.
So please do not be surprised if our prices are higher then the Mint.
In most cases our prices are better compared to online auctions and coin sales.
    "  No Additional Service Fees At Checkout "
PRE-SALE   You are buying part of our limited quota from the Mint / Dealers
Item noted as pre-sale means we are offering them to you before the Mint releases them.
However, as soon as we receive them we ship them out the same day.
The advantage is you are guaranteed a rare coin at a resonable price!
All our coins come in a protective plastic case as we receive them from the Mint.
We will include a display clam shell case if one comes with coins.
International customers
You are however,responsible for fees or additional taxes that may be
 levied in your country.

Password  :  Must be 7 charactors
Password Security
  • Always use strong passwords with your NetworkSolutions E-Commerce
  • Web Site. The following tips help to create a solid password:
    • Passwords should be at least 7 characters long
    • Include both upper and lower case letters
    • Include at least one number
    • Include at least one special character. For example, replace the
    •  letter "A" with "@" or "S" with "$"
    • Do not duplicate all or part of a previous password
    • Extra Protection: Stay clear of words found in the dictionary.

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Please note that you can see the items in your cart on the left side of the page. If an item is not,
it is because you did not add it.
Once you click Place Your Order :
 that order is placed in your shopping cart that is visible on the left side.
Why do we limit one coin per order on certain coins ?
  Most of the coins we offer are not available anymore. We do have a  limited stock of rare coins.
  If you would like to purchase more than one coin with purchase limit, simply email us.